Pre-Toddlers Rates
AGES: 2- 5 Years

Full-Time weekly: (2-5 yrs.) (10 hours max)



Part-time weekly: (15-25 hours) (2-3 days)




$35.00/daily (10 hours max)


Toddlers & up overnight care: (2-5 yrs.)

(6:30pm-6am) (10 hours max)




Other Care Rates

Hourly: (5hrs.Only)


( After 5 hrs.) $10.00/hr


Extended Hours:

$10.00/ weekly added to normal fee (more hours needed beyond regular hours)


Overtime :

$10.00 every 15 min before/after contracted hours

Overtime without calling ahead:

$1 per min before /after contracted hours


Parent night out: (6:30pm-11pm) or (5hr. Max)




First Shift:(6:30am- 6:00pm) (10 hours max)

Third Shift: (8:30pm- 6:00am) (10 hours max)

Infant Rates

AGES: 6 months-23 months 

Full-Time weekly: (6mo-23mo)

$135.00/weekly (10 hours max)


Part-time weekly: (15-25 hours) (2-3 days)




$35.00/daily (10 hours max)


Infant overnight care: (12-23 months)

(6:30pm-6am) (10 hours max)




                   Rates Information


  • A contract must be signed prior to childcare services.
  • Full-time contracted hours must be no more than 10 hours daily and no more than 45 hours weekly. If it is more than 45 hours weeklywe will add our Hourly/or Overtime Rate to your next weekly fee. 
  • Part-time contracted hours must be no more than 8 hours daily and no more than 25 hours weekly. If it is more than 25 hours weekly, we will add our Hourly/or Overtime Rate to your next weekly fee. 

  • DROP-IN ONLY ENROLLMENTS: Parents acknowledge that Drop-In only care days are made on an as needed and space available basis. Parents agree to pay for drop-in care at the time of approved request. Parents agree that if they withdraw their request for care within 48-hours of the requested time, Kreative Kids Daycare will not refund payment. Parents acknowledge that if they do not use child care services for a period of 3 months or longer Kreative Kids Daycare has the right to cancel this agreement. 

  • TRIAL PERIOD: There will be a two-week (14 calendar days) Trial Period beginning on the child's first actual day of care. During this time either the Parent or Kreative Kids Daycare may terminate this agreement without further obligation. No pre-paid child care fees will be refunded if this agreement is terminated during the Trial Period.


All fees are to be paid in full by the first day of care needed. Full and Part contracted rate is required regardless of the number of days your child is present during the week (This means parents must fully pay weekly fee even if your child does not come.) Your child does not have to attend all days contracted for; however, the rate is the same regardless if your child attends one day or the entire week. The rates and policies for care may be subject to change with a 1-month notice.


FRIDAY’s prior to care by 6:00 PM payment may be made weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in advance of care.

* If the fee is not paid when due, a late fee of $10 per day will be assessed. If payment is not received by Wednesday morning, child(ren) may not be permitted to return until all fees have been paid in full.


  • We do not accept personal checks. Payments may be made with a money order, certified check, or cash.Checks should be made payable to Stephanie Johnson.
  • We reserve the right to halt child care until all childcare fees are paid.


It is considered overtime if the parent is late in picking up their child/ren. The fee is $10 per child per every fifteen minutes that you are late. (Example: if late fifteen minutes the fee is $10.00 per child; if late 30 minutes, the fee is $20.00 per child, ETC.) Overtime payment will be due at the end of the week with the next week’s fee.

Additional fee

Parents are expected to pay any of the following Additional Fees within 24 hours.

Late Payments: Parents will pay $10 per child per calendar day (including weekends) that payments are received late beginning Friday after 6 pm of the fee due date until paid in full.

Unauthorized Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up: Parents will pay a late/early fee equal to $1 per minute per child in the event of any early drop-off or late pick-up that is unauthorized outside of the contracted days/times.

Authorized/Overtime Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up: Parents will pay in 15 minute increments equal to $10 per child for approved overtime requests. (Ex.) 1-15 minutes early/late = $10 per child; (Ex.) 16-30 minutes early/late = $20 per child, etc. Unauthorized early/late fees apply.


  • We Keep track of every payment that you make for your daycare payments through out the year. At the end of the year, we will be giving you a receipt along with special form for you to use when you file your taxes with the dollar amount of how much you paid for the year with our tax I.D. # so you can claim this on your taxes. Please do not add any dollar amount you may have paid another daycare onto our tax I.D. #. If you do, the IRS will most likely follow up with you if the dollar amounts does not match.


If you decide to take your child away on vacation, we will charge you your regular weekly fee. Payment is due prior to parent vacation. No exceptions!


Kreative Kids Daycare may take 10 (days) of PAID DAYS. 

(It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange for backup care.) 

New Year's Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Note: If a holiday falls on a Saturday, that holiday will be observed on Friday, if a holiday falls on Sunday, that holiday will be observed on Monday. Example: If Fourth of July falls on Saturday, Fourth of July will be observed on Friday.

If Kreative Kids Daycare is in need of a day off for unexpected or personal appointments and is unable to get them in the evening hours, arrangements will be made by us for a substitute, or the parent will make arrangements for the pickup of the child at an agreeable time.