Our Schedule and Calendar with closed days

6:30AM-8:00AM-Arrival, Puzzles, and Table Toys
9:00AM-9:45AM-Free Play
9:45AM-10:00AM-Group Time(Take Roll,Talk about weather, 
Days of the Week,Month,Year,Alphabet,Numbers,Shapes,Colors
10:00AM-10:15AM-Clean-up/Bathroom/Diaper Change
10:15AM-10:30AM-Morning Snack
10:30AM-11:15AM-Free Play(Outside when weather permits)
[Ex. Jumping,Flipping,Running,Rolling, Singing
11:15AM-11:45AM-Arts and Crafts
1:00PM-1:10PM-Clean-up/Bathroom/Diaper Change
1:10PM-2:45PM-Rest Time
2:45PM-3:00PM-Clean-up/Bathroom/Diaper Change
3:00PM-3:30PM-Afternoon Snack
3:30PM-3:45PM-Clean-up/Bathroom/Tooth brushing
3:45PM-4:30PM-Free Play/Table Toys)
4:45PM-6:00PM-Free Play (Outside)/Parents Depart,Closed
This schedule is only a guideline because we are 
in a home setting, we are free to be flexible

Mon. 5/28 All day Memorial Day - CLOSED

Will be closed

Thu. 6/14 All day Flag Day
Wed. 7/4 All day Independence Day
All day CLOSED

We will be closed this day. If needing care please let us know in advance.

Tue. 9/11 All day Patriot Day
Wed. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sun. 11/11 All day Veterans Day
Mon. 12/24 All day Christmas Eve
Tue. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
All day Christmas
Mon. 12/31 All day New Years Eve
Tue. 1/1 All day New Years Day
Sat. 2/2 All day Groundhog Day
Thu. 2/14 All day Valentines Day
Sun. 3/17 All day St. Patricks Day
Mon. 4/1 All day April Fools Day
Mon. 4/22 All day Earth Day
Sun. 5/5 All day Cinco De Mayo
Fri. 6/14 All day Flag Day
Thu. 7/4 All day Independence Day
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